Because ate too many unhealthy food, and the condition was not so good. Although I haven’t deciding on the next project, but hope can challenge a whole new role.” “Ghost” starring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee debuted on May 30th, 2012, together with MBC’s “I Do I Do” and KBS2′s “Bridal Mask“.

Today it’s airing on Wednesday and Thursday drama slot.

Personally, I will give ‘Ghost’ support.” Han Ji Min was playing dual-role of Bu Yong in Joseon Dynasty and Park Ha in modern times.

Through the drama, apart from romantic feeling, she also demonstrated humor, mystery, revenge and a variety of scenes.

When asked about her thoughts on the end of drama, Han Ji Min said, “Stay at home after the end of drama.

Because I couldn’t get into relaxing state, feeling tired even when meeting with people.

Thanks to Park Ha, I feel the care of public to the drama, and even myself received a lot of love.

Hope our drama can leave beautiful memories to viewers.” “During filming the biological rhythm was seriously messed up.

Han Ji Min was playing the role of Bu Yong and Park Ha in SBS drama series “Rooftop Prince” which was concluded on May 24th, 2012.

After “Rooftop Prince”, “Ghost” starring So Ji Sub is broadcasting to the home theater.