As a female traveler I will be in Thailand for around 2 months in mid November to have fun and complete my professional diving lessons.I would like to be familiar with Thai culture and foods and also it would be an opportunity to find female sex workers and know what they really feel and want.

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A way to get this interview is to visit a sex house and search for one sex worker who looks sympathetic and allows you to interview her.

I'm sure her will not mind in spend her time talking with you. Thanks for your guidance but in addition I am a female traveler.

If I was a man maybe it was easier to ask questions of female sex workers. There is a lot of them with enthusiasm in help tourists. I think an informal interview with a little tip (I am not rich!

I've been on Thailand in January/13 for about 2 weeks passing through Bangkok, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi, Kanchanaburi, etc..

In Bangkok was where I saw more freedom of natives in talking about sex with tourists.

In everywhere was someone offering to me to go to any of theirs sexland places (In Bangkok we can see an entire district with expertise in Sex Tourism including some bizarre things like Ping Pong show, etc).So, this subject is broadly talked in Thailand and I think this will not be a problem to you. There is a chance of them to charge you for an "Interview" about their job.I was thinking with myself it may cause a negative impact or maybe it is not acceptable or permitted in Thailand for a traveler to ask such questions and search about.If you are familiar with Thai law and culture it would be great to guide me about.I remember sitting in a youth hostel in Singapore with an Indian guy and two Thai girls who had come down to Singapore for the weekend to "work." He jokingly asked them for a discount.So hostels in Singapore is a place to meet these girls off duty.