Update: An update to the News & Weather app posted yesterday, September 8th, seems to have fixed some of the compatibility errors people have been seeing.At least here in the United States, the app is compatible with every Android 4.0+ device for all of our writers.

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There's also an optional weather widget at the top of the main view, which can be configured to show weather based on your current location, or a location you set manually.

On top of that there's a couple of new home screen widgets to choose from — a 4x1 combined weather and news view, and a larger scrolling news feed with a weather forecast pinned to the top.

The rollout for the new app seems to still be in progress, so if you're seeing the app marked as "incompatible" right now, then try checking back in a few minutes.

The built-in Google News and Weather app on stock Android devices hasn't been given much attention since back in the Android 2.3 days.

That changes today, however, with a major update to the app now hitting the Google Play Store.

Google News & Weather version 2.0 is now landing on the Play Store for just about all Android devices, and it's available as an app update for anyone running the old version.

The update brings a new layout, incorporating a Google Now-style card-based design, with the ability to swipe between categories and drill down to view the same story from different sources.

If you're already using the new Google News and Weather app, hit the comments and let us know what you think!

The added functionality of S-pen features on the Galaxy Note 3 are quiet appealing and fascinating.

You may have thought it would be great if you had those features in your Galaxy Note 2.

So for the people who want the Note 3 features on your Note 2, there is a way to do so.